Waters Acquity RDa high resolution ESI TOF detector coupled with UPLC I-Class PLUS LC system.

  • M/Z up to 7000 in positive or 4000 in negative mode
  • Resolution <1 ppm
  • In situ LockMass calibration to compensate for mass shifts caused by environment

Sciex TripleQuad 7500 LCMS/MS with ExionLC AD HPLC system

  • Linear Dynamic Range: With a linear dynamic range of up to six orders of magnitude, this system simplifies workflows and enables precise quantification at lower levels
  • The 7500 system provides the highest level of sensitivity in the SCIEX portfolio. It allows for ultra-low analyte detection, making it ideal for bioanalytical sample analysis

Agilent 6460 Triple Quadrupole LCMS/MS with 1290 Infinity I HPLC system

  • High Efficiency Ion Optics: The system features high-efficiency ion optics and detection, leading to better acquisition rates, sensitivity, dynamic range, linearity, precision, and accuracy
  • With a polarity switching time of just 30 milliseconds, the 6460 system allows rapid transitions between positive and negative ion modes for comprehensive compound analysis
  • The dwell time of 1-2 milliseconds ensures efficient data acquisition and precise quantification

Sciex 3200 MS/MS TripleQuad with direct injection

  • Affordable MS/MS spectrometer for a quick test of compound mass and/or fragments

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