Painting by Milla Karppinen

NMR Services

The instrument centre houses 5 modern NMR instruments suitable for a variety of different NMR analyses. NMR-measurements are offered both as a service and as instrument time to be operated by your own employee.

NMR Training

We also offer training and assistance in the measurement of NMR-spectra. This eliminates any security concerns by allowing you or your employee to process samples and run NMR- measurements personally at our facility.

MS Services

Our facility is equipped with a variety of MS equipment for various purposes including two TripleQuad LCMS/MS machines for precise analysis and high-res UPLC-TOF machine for fast screening.


The cost of our services is negotiated individually with every customer. The price will depend on the number and nature of samples,the character of the customer (academic/non-profit/private) and use of instrument hours. For members of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi the basic price for open access use is 5 eur per hour for NMR and 10 eur per hour for Mass Spectrometry use. There will be a 75% discount for nighttime and weekend bookings.



To guarantee the long-term development of the Instrument Centre we prefer long-term contracts (2-5 years) with our partners. The longer the agreement is, the lower the rates are. MS runs are mainly done as a service, but in NMR the customer can also buy a certain amount of instrument time, which includes training of a researcher on the spectrometer. This operational model is free of security problems, because the only person who handles the samples and the spectra is the employee of the company. If you have no qualified person or no interest to run the NMR-spectra by yourself, the spectra can also be measured as a service. The runs can also be charged on hourly basis without a long-term contract. Every detail of the contract can be fitted into your needs.