NMR metabolomics

The term NMR metabolomics refers to holistic fingerprinting of target subjects. Samples in this approach are not purified single molecules, but complex mixtures as plant/fungi crude extracts, food products or biofluids like blood and urine. The research question in this case is not to identify every molecule existing in mixture, but to find systematic and statistically reliable differences between them. The number of the samples must be high enough to guarantee the consistency. Samples should be divided into subgroups based on their properties and then the method finds out what are the crucial signals and molecules that make the separation. Typical questions that can be answered are for example:

How the borrelia bacteria infection changes the chemical composition of blood and urine?

How the eating of certain berries affects to the lipid equilibrium of blood plasma?

What happens to the chemical composition of plant in different environmental stress factors?

How the mushrooms at different locations differ from each other?

Academic Research

Publications which involve researchers from the Instrument Centre (since 2014)


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